So after my phone call with Jay I sent my resume in.  I really didn’t think I had much of a chance at getting the position.  However I am a firm believer that if it looks life God is opening a door you need to get in the doorway and look around.  This is exactly what I did…and what God did as a result has blown my mind.

I sent my resume in on January 21.  A few weeks after sending it in I received an email asking if I would fill out there pastoral candidate questionnaire and send back my personal doctrinal statement as well.  So I took a few weeks and did the questionnaire and the doctrinal statement and sent them in.   The questionnaire gave me the chance to be brutally honest about my past and any hangups I have had in life.  So I was brutally honest thinking if anything it might disqualify me.  A week after I sent that in I got a phone call telling me they wanted a phone interview.  I was floored.   At this point it was explained to me that Jay didn’t want anything to do with the process (as far as it concerned me) until he absolutely had to.  He didn’t to taint or sway the search team’s opinion of me.  As he put it, “I already like you and know what you’re capable of.  They need to find this out on their own.  If this is going to be from God they have to agree on you without my opinion.”  I agreed.

So I went through my phone interview.  I felt it went really well.  The next morning in my “inbox” I had an email from them telling me they wanted a face to face interview.    It was at this point that I told Eric (our senior pastor) about the whole ordeal.  I explained to him my reasons for sending my resume in and that I wasn’t unhappy at New Hope.  In fact I really like working here.  I really do.  I told him that I just wanted to be obedient and see this through to see if God was really in this.  He even agreed to be a reference for me.  So I compiled my list of references and sent them to their team so they could check my references before the face to face.  I got word back that they didn’t have one bad reference and honestly it was kind of shocking to them that all my references had nothing but good things to say about me.

So I left for Newell, IA on April 11 for my face to face that night.  It went really well (I thought).  I got up the next morning and made the 7 hours trip back to Ogallala to be back in time to lead worship.  It was a quick trip.  I got word the following week that it was unanimous that the search committee would be telling the church board that they were recommending to bring me out to candidate.