6 years ago I move to Ogallala, NE to be the youth pastor at Faith Evangelical Free Church.  I felt like I had to world by it’s tail. i was walking into an established student ministry.  Most of the leaders were staying on staff as I transitioned in.  The students were really receptive.  The honeymoon period came and went.   Gaining people’s trust is never an easy thing.  I found that out quickly.  There was some still being felt about the “other guy” resigning as I came on board.

Over the first year and a half I grew to love Faith E-Free and the people of it.   What were once thoughts of leaving were far far from my mind.  I felt accepted and loved and I was gaining the trust of my leaders and the other staff.

6 years ago I never would have even dreamed about leaving here.  My parents would often ask, “Would you ever move back to Iowa.”  The first few years I always told them no.  Sometimes they would say, “You never know what God has in store for you though.”  They were right.  You never know.

God always has a funny way of getting you where he wants you in life.  More on this in the next post…