About 15 years ago my uncle was working on a car in his garage.  The motor was running and it shifted into 1st gear.  At that time one of my cousins (I think she was 2-3) right in front of the car.  It killed her on impact.  It tore their family apart.  I can’t say I’ve personally gone through what the Chapman’s are right now.  I have seen the effects of something like this though.

This is my prater for the Chapman family;

Father this is a tough time for the Chapman family.  I can’t even imagine losing a loved one yet alone someone so young.  Grant them mercy.  Surround them with people who love you and them.  Make yourself ever present to them right now.  Take away the guilt and the shame from their son.  Wrap him in your loving arms and grant him peace and comfort.

Father don’t let this be a dividing force within their family.  Help this to be a rallying point where their family will become stronger through it.  We thank you for the life Maria had and for the impact she has had on her family and on people around the world.  She is in your presence now and for that we are grateful.