Starting tomorrow morning my blog may be temporarily down.  The dreams of this post will finally be coming true.  Bright and early Scott will be walking me through switching my blog to a self-hosted site.  I will be using Updateable.CC from here on out.   This is supposed to make my blog more effective in reaching it’s potential audience and keeping them around.  I’m hoping this will be a great switch and after talking with him it seems like it will be.

I am excited about the change.  IT will be fully customizable which I am really looking forward to.  There are a lot of great themes out there that I will be able to select from.  So hopefully tomorrow by noon I’ll have a new set-up going on.  In the event that I can’t use this domain anymore I already have a new one picked out that’s not yet taken.  So maybe it’s time to retire “serial youth pastor” and go with something fresh…something even more attention grabbing than now.

Once the switch is made let me know what you think..OR of features that I need to have on here.  As my blog audience grows so shall my blog.