I have learned alot over the past few years while serving as a youth pastor about respecting parents.  I think it really comes in various forms and was reminded of it again this weekend.  Sometimes I think as youth pastors we don’t give parents enough credit with the decisions they make.  Sometimes parents make ground rules at home such as “no video games allowed in our home” and how do we deal with that?  Do we allow their kids to play video games at youth group or in our own homes without the consent of those parents OR do we simply let it slide without consulting them first?

One thing I do (if I know in advance of certain parameters in students homes) is I honor the parents rules.  Sometimes that means not allowing a student to play video games without me first talking to the parents.  What I usually find is that parents are really against video games (or something else) rather they see the negative effects that something like this can have if not handled appropriately.   I think we really have to go out of our way to honor the decisions of parents especially when they are trying hard to be Godly parents and raise Godly children.