I can’t believe I’m already 7 weeks into changing my lifestyle and eating habits. It has gone really well. I have learned so much over the past 7 weeks. Not just about making healthy choices with eating but also I am beginning to dream big again. Seriously. I am able to focus more on what God wants me to do. I think this is because I am learning to really love myself. I know it sounds corny but for the first time in a long time I really value who I am. I had gotten to a place where I wasn’t happy. I knew I needed to lose weight but wasn’t doing anything about it. Everyone wanted me to do it but I didn’t really care. I never wanted to do it for them. I always wanted it to be something I would decide to do for myself and no one else. That day came 7 weeks ago. I was just miserable and knew this was something I have to do.

With that being said I lost another 4 pounds this week. So here’s the rundown so far;

  • Week 1 – 397
  • Week 2 – 390
  • Week 3 – 384
  • Week 4 – 377
  • Week 5 – 371
  • Week 6 – 367
  • week 7 – 363

That’s a total of 34 pounds in 7 weeks.