If you haven’t been able to catch the Simply Youth Ministry podcast then you are really missing out.  This week was the 3rd time they were live with the podcast.  I enjoy the live podcast.  Why?  Because you can’t edit in real time.  What you see is what you get.  Like the old saying goes, “If it’s not live it’s not Memorex.”  It seems like they are working out some kinks in the audio at times but that’s just the joy’s of streaming live.  Something will always go wrong.  The thing I have enjoyed the most (probably) is bein able to track in real time with other youth pastors.  Here are what I consider the pros;

  • it’s live = no editing
  • you can network with other youth pastors/ workers
  • the pre-show.  oh yeah.  it was cool hanging out with Andy before the show began.  He’s a fun guy
  • it makes you feel like you are really a part of the audience
  • Andy joins in on the online conversation.

I do see some cons with it as well.

  • the streaming audio and video is sometimes choppy
  • there is little to no interaction with the “live” audience from everyone except Andy.  It would be great to get some “live” questions.  Heck even maybe a show with just “live” questions once a month
  • Andy has no voice for the “live” audience
  • pink tie guy

All in all I like it.  There are more pros and cons I am sure but this is all I can come up with for now.   Check it out next time it’s live.