Like I said in an earlier post I struggle with my weight.  It has always been something I have been overly conscious about.  Still even today when someone jokes about my weight some old memories of junior high come rushing back when I was picked on for being the fat kid.  I never say a word about it when someone does that instead I keep it inside.  No longer.  I am deciding to do something about it.  Last night I shared this with my students as we were talking about overcoming sin and how the power of the resurrection of Christ can help us do that.

So here’s what I am going to do to help keep this public so I can have even more accountability with it.

  • tell my students about it and have them pray for me
  • enroll in a gym
  • do once a week videos on my progress and post them to my blog.  That’s right you will be able to keep track of my progress with me in short video installments.
  • ask you as my fellow blog readers to pray for me in this journey

So what is the goal?  100 pounds lost by September.  I wanted something big so that my students can see me struggle with an area of my life.  I will also be doing weekly (bi-weekly?) videos on my progress for them as well to show them that I struggle with areas of life as well.  Want to join me in this and make it a friendly competition?  Email or leave me a comment and we’ll figure out a friendly wager.

I’m dead serious…are you?