Last night we went and saw Pillar, Building429, Wavorly and Brooke Barretsmith. Overall it was a really good show. I really liked the North Platte Community play house. They have done a really good job of keeping the era look of when it was built. It did have some room down front to stand about 25 people deep. So it wasn’t a huge space in front of the stage but it worked.

So what did I think of the evening?

Brooke Barretsmith – is a new and upcoming artist. She only did maybe 3 or 4 songs but hey when you’re the new kid that’s how it goes. I think she has a great voice. Unfortunately the house mix for her was terrible so we really didn’t get a great feel for her and the band.

Wavorly – I was really excited to see them. That is until we saw them. I just didn’t think they brought their “A” game last night. Again the mix for them was horrible so it was hard to tell. I love their album but last night I just wasn’t feeling them.

Buildgin429 – what can I say about them? They were awesome. They have such a great attitude and they know how to bring a crowd along with them. I have been a fan of Building429 for a while and I was not disappointed. The sound problems were fixed by the time they hit the stage and they didn’t disappoint.

Pillar – This was the 3rd or 4th time I have seen them live and it was the best. Rob, their lead singer, has bronchitis while on tour but he did such an amazing job even with his bronchitis. His voice overall was raspy and fading at times. You could tell he was in a lot of pain but I have a new respect for them. They even did a medley of older pillar songs. Of course they did Superman and it was awesome. Seriously if you’re thinking about going to this tour go. You won’t be disappointed.