headshot.jpgIt never ceases to amaze me at what I get myself into as a youth pastor.  First let me say I has a strong disdain for country music.  I have just never really liked it.  I was asked earlier this week if I would go to Profit Maker Bulls and run sound for Red Steagall and his band.  Only in the wild wild west would this really happen.  If you have never been to Western Nebraska just think of all of the old cowboy movies you have ever seen.  That’s really what it’s like out here. Last night I learned that Red is the voice of Cowboy Corner “America’s Favorite Authentic Western Radio Program”

Honestly I wasn’t too excited about hearing Red and his band but the owner of our local music store offered to pay me so I decided to go.  So I got there around 3 and started setting up the sound gear.  The band arrived around 4:30 and we got the sound check done.  I was truly amazed at their tight harmonies and how the played their guitars.  They have been playing together for 30 years now.  As I said last night, “That’s a lot of experience” and Danny Stegall said, “No.  That’s a lot of practice.”

Oh and the free steak dinner was awesome.