Who enjoys going to the dentist? Not me. I, however, have good reason to never want to step into a dentists office ever again. The year we moved from Missouri to Iowa a lot had happened in my life. We moved to what seemed to be a foreign country. We went from the middle of country landscape with a creek down the road to the middle of a city. That was hard enough on me. So I became extremely hard for my parents and anyone else to deal with. I ended up accepting Christ that fall and it was a life-change moment. The spring of my 3rd grade year something else happened in my life that has shaped and changed my life somewhat.

We were at my sisters softball practice one day. I was watching them practice from behind the backstop. I was literally about 50 feet from the backstop. I was having a good time just standing and watching. My dad was playing catch with a boy from the high school. He knew him from playing slow pitch softball with his dad. Anyway they were playing burnout. Burnout is really simple ad easy game to play. It’s really just a game of sheer intimidation. The two players stand about 75 feet apart and start throwing the ball back and forth to each other. each time getting hard, and harder and harder. The goal is to make the other person miss the ball completely becuase you threw ti too hard. My dad played baseball through high school and played on a few slow pitch softball teams for as long as I can remember. He had a cannon.

I was standing about 50 feet from them at the time. I wasn’t even really behind them but was on an angle away from them really honestly out of harms way. Believe me…my dad would have made me move had he thought I was in harms way. Once when I was 4 I stepped out in front of a softball going about 50 miles an hour and caught it square between the eyes. They thought for sure I was dying becuase I was losing so much blood. So I knew very well how dangerous it was to be standing behind someone playing catch so I made sure to be out of the way. So I’m watching my sister bat and all of a sudden I hear, “Chris look out!!” It was at that time that I turned mouth first into a baseball that was probably going about 60 miles and hour. The kid had missed the ball and it hit a clump on the ground which changed it’s trajectory and the ball smashed right into my face. The ball not only broke out my two front teeth but it broke into the nerves of both teeth and split my bottom lip open. We ended up having to go to the ER that night and then from there my parents were able to make an emergency appointment with a children’s dentist.

That night I got my front teeth repaired and also received 10 stitches in my lower lip. Mydad felt so bad he wouldn’t play catch with me for well over a month. I remember asking him to play catch and he felt so horrible for what had happened that he just couldn’t. So naturally I developed a sense of terror everytime a ball came at me. This made playing baseball harder but eventually I got over it.

You know what the amazing thing was? I never cried that night. Not even once. Not when the wind would hit my open nerves. Not when I got to the dentists office. Not once. That may have something to do with the laughing gas he gave me. That stuff is crazy. Really the only thing I really remember about how I felt that night was just being at peace. Having a comfort about me. I really think that was God letting me not to freak out. It always amazes me how God takes care of his children. He wants to comfort us. He longs to comfort us. He wants us to be close to him.

What are you going through or dealing with that you need comfort from? Turn to God and ask him to wrap you in his arms if you are a child of God. If you’re not sure if you are a child of God ask yourself this question, “If I were to die tonight would I go to heaven?” If you can answer “yes” then you are a part of God’s family. If you answer “no” then take a few minutes and get right with God. It’s not about saying a prayer…it’s about believing. Simply tell God you believe in him and want him to make you clean. Today could be the day that you make a decision that changes your life. If you have any questions please email me at gracecoversme@gmail.com

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