No joke I really did make my 3rd grade teacher retire.

I have decided to post a little bit about my life journey so far. It really has been a wild ride so I will be doing it in a few installments over the next week or so. So here we go…

I was born in Springfield, MO in 1976. We lived in Missouri until I was 8. My dad was working for Burlington Northern Railroads at the time and had been transfered to Burlington, IA. We moved to Iowa and I was very unhappy. Once school started I quickly became the bully of my new school. I would curse out my teacher. Throw books at her. I was in the principals office alot. I used to yell and scream at my parents all the time at home. I just wasn’t a happy kid. I remember one day at school my parents were called in for a meeting. At this meeting my mom and dad were being accused (or at least it was being implied) that they were abusing me at home and this is why I was acting this way. As an 8 year old boy it was scary to sit there and listen to what they were saying to my parents. The school officials asked me some questions and they decided I wasn’t being abused. Now that I look back I wonder if they thought I was trying to protect my parents. I guess that is one thing I will never know.

I caused my mom and dad a lot of heartache and pain that year. I was never abused at home but my dad believe in spanking us…which I am glad he did.

My sister made friends quick and started going to AWANA’s with one of her friends. I really wanted to go but my parents were always too scared that I would cause the same scene at a church as I did at home. So the answer was always no. One week my sisters friend invited my brother and I to go to church with them. finally my parents caved and I was allowed to go. I always liked go to AWANA. We played some games, memorized some verses and listen to a lesson. The thing I liked most though is that I was accepted by my leader and the other kids there. Still at school I was a holy little terror. I think my teacher thought I was the spawn of Satan straight from the pits of hell. honestly…I acted like it alot more than I didn’t. Actually one of my friends and myself drove our teacher in early retirement. I do feel bad for Mrs. Lundy.

One night at AWANA our leader told us the story of Christ. For the first time it made sense to me…even at the age of 8 and Iput my faith and trust in Christ. I wish I could say that everything since then has been rosey but it hasn’t. As you follow through my journey with me I think you will see that.

There is a lot more ahead.