n512182418_3356.jpgThere is no doubt that the Christmas season is upon us.  I love Christmas.  It is definitely one of my favorite times of each year.  I remember growing up and having an anticipation of the gifts that I would not only get but also the ones I would help in picking out for my family.  I love to receive but more than that I also love to give.  Growing up our parents took great strides to remind us that it is not the amount of money the gift cost but the love with which it is given.  There were times growing up where there was considerable less under the tree than in some other years.  Financial hardship was something my family became accustomed to for a while.  We were not rich.  We did not wear expensive clothes.  We took great pride in the things we had because they were worked hard for.  Most of all our family had love for each other.  Looking back I realize how lucky I was to grow up the way I did.  My parents believe in giving to your fullest extent.  Sometimes it is not by money but by the time and love we give away.   There is no doubt about it that my parents did their best to make sure we were raised in a Christian home with southern values.   Christmas reminds me of going home.

Going home actually makes me misty eyed.  Just thinking about it makes me get all choked up.  There is no doubt about it that I love my family but more than that is the love I have for God.  Some day we will all be called home…home to be with God.  What an awesome day that will be.  I really look forward to it.    One of the things I pray is, “Lord if I’m damaging your name please just call me home.”  I look forward to able to spend time with Him one on one.  I mean we will have all of eternity so surely we will get some alone time with God right?  I mean God loves US so surely he will want to spend some alone time with me right?  But do we really have to wait to be called home with God to spend time some alone time with Him?  We can do that while we are still here.  I wonder though how selfish that sounds to God.  It’s almost as if we’re saying, “God I’m the best and you know you want to spend time with me.” 

The truth is that Heaven isn’t about God spending time with us….it’s about us worshiping Him for eternity.  

There is one thing I hate  about being home with my family once I’m there…leaving.  I usually have to pull over just outside of town and allow myself some time to just bawl.  I love my family and I absolutely hate leaving them.  I mean I hate it.  It gets harder everytime I go back to leave.  I imagine this is the same thing God goes through when we leave him.  It rips Him apart when we go absent in our relationship with Him.  Why not give God the best gift of all this year and spend some time with Him.  He loves you more than your mother, father, sister brother or any other relationship could.  Crawl into the arms of your Creator this Christmas and fall in love with the person who truly loves you unconditionally.  He wants to welcome you home.