This weekend is our Christmas drama The Gate.  I am always amazed at what God does during the drama.  As usual people are sick this week due to a lack of sleep, long hours and Satan working overtime to squelch this production.  This year I think we have 80-100 people involved from hour church doing all sorts of things to pull this off.  Tonight is our first performance for our student ministry, children’s ministry and their parents.  We are also doing a FREE meal for them before the drama.  We really want to focus on reaching the parents of our students and not just our students.

I am anticipating God doing some pretty cool things through this drama.  This has been a hectic week already and it will only pick up from here.  There will be lots of pictures to follow in the next 3-4 days.  We are anticipating around 700-850 people seeing our drama this year.  Not too shabby in a small rural community of 5, 000.