cover_sm.jpgI have heard a lot of positive and negative about the book The Gospel According to the Soprano’s since it has been published in 2002. I finally got a copy of it and I am loving it. If author Chris Seay is really depicting and reading Tony as the way he comes across he has an incredibly good talent of reading people. Whether they are real or on the TV screen. I have never seen an episode of the Soprano’s and with it being off the air I might just buy the last season on DVD and watch it. It seems that Tony is always in Dr. Melfi’s (the shrink) office. I was reading last night and a paragraph really caught me. As I was reading the paragraph I couldn’t help but think, “Tony and I are a lot alike…but yet different.” I re-read the paragraph again and it resonated with me even deeper.

Here’s what it said;

In the film, The Mexican, James Gandolfini’s character (a homosexual hit man) ask Julia Robert’s character a heart-rendering question: “If you really love someone when do you come to the place where enough is enough?” The answer is you don’t. Real love is unconditional. Most of us fear that if friends and family saw us for who we really are, they would turn their backs and leave. So we perpetuate the charade, always wondering what real love truly is. We long for the kind of love that embraces our flaws and defects unconditionally. Intimate encounters lure us out of our detached world filled with fear and anxiety. But without unconditional love we remain disconnected. Alienated. Alone. Some seek restoration through psychotherapy and medication. Some search for peace in the spiritual and mystical. But the connection is that we all seek it.

We are all in search for something unconditional…love. True we get it from God and we should glory in that fact. But lets be honest, we seek it from those who are closest to us as well. I think it’s one thing the “C”hurch is missing out on today. We want to reach the lost…but we pull out when it gets messy. We want to help people with problems but we get scared when we find out they are trapped in a world of drugs, alcohol and sex.  We go to church on Sunday’s with a mask that hides our true-self, yet we long for a community of people to really care about us…genuinely…unconditionally.   We want a community where we can be accepted but yet we don’t even accept ourselves.  Instead of accepting ourselves as broken prideful people we judge others and hold them at arms length away from us for fear of letting them get to know the real us.  I have been guilty of this at times.  I have things that I have done that I fear being judged over…and have been in the past.  Maybe it we would just let-go and let-God work in and through us and our struggles maybe community would just happen.   Maybe we wouldn’t have to work on building a false sense community in the process.

It has to happen from within who you are.  Who is going to be the first one to let down their guard and let God do some incredible things…even possibly healing in their life?