We took 4 students to Dare 2 Share this past weekend in Denver and it was great….despite how my weekend started off. This was our first Dare 2 Share and it was a great time of learning for all of us. The students we took are all pumped about sharing their faith with their friends now. Since we have been back at least 1 student has accepted Christ because one of our students took the opportunity to share the gospel with a friend. What a weekend. It was pretty emotional for me most of that though was becuase of what happened Friday before we left. But God is bigger than that and worked in some great ways in the lives of not only our students but myself as well.

Honestly I enjoyed this event much more than ATF (Acquire the Fire). Greg Stier does an amazing job. The skit was a major plus. It didn’t go throughout the entire weekend. There were a few more breaks. The flow was just smoother. We wills till go to ATF becuase them and D2S serve different purposes…which is a great thing. I will probably post more on the weekend later. I’m still pretty wiped out from everything.

If you haven’t been to Dare 2 Share you need to go. Take the Double Dare. I dare YOU!