51r1vthrhdl_aa240_.jpgWe are going through the book Love This! by Andy Braner on Thursday nights with our Life Hurts group.  This book is awesome.   You can check out Andy’s blog here.  It is something that every youth leader and every leader of a recovery ministry should read.   Even pastors and elders boards.  AS we go through and tear this book apart it grabs me more and more.   Anyway this week was on Loving the Sick.  This was the week one of our student leaders was to come up with a set of questions ready to lead the discussion with our groups.   He had forgotten all about it until not long before the night.  Then he came up with questions from a chapter we did before.  Honestly I was a little disappointed but God gently reminded me of how I have procrastinated in times like this as well.  So I was as gentle with him as I could.  Man he delivered in a huge way a little later tonight.

Earlier today a man with severely progressed skin cancer came in looking for assistance.   He had some massive open wounds on his head (pretty much like big abrasions).   I mean massive.  Honestly it weirded me out.  I tried my best to look at him not giving any notion to the fact that I was noticing the wounds.  Still I think he noticed me trying to not look at them.  I so much wanted to portray Christ to this guy…but I feel like I failed.  I really felt for him as people would see him walk around they would wince.  You could tell they were really disgusted and a few of them really looked terrified of this guy.   A few people even pulled their kids close so that they wouldn’t be around this “weird looking guy.” It really was sad to see people who love Christ act in this way.  We ended up getting him a room at a hotel across the street from us.

We went up and practiced for our worship set.  When we came back down he came in looking for food.  Tonight we were completely out.  So much so that not everyone here tonight even got any food.  We only had one of our senior high guys here tonight.  He is actually a student leader for Life Hurts….I will call him Joe.   And here’s where it happened….after the gentleman left Joe said, “We could go out and buy him food.”  I was set aback a little bit.   I shouldn’t have been becuase Joe has a huge heart for serving others.   So we went up and lead worship.  After we were done the girls went to their group and myself and Joe went to the store.  He really had no idea as to how to go about figuring out what to buy so I was able to walk him through the process I go through when I buy food for transients.  We spent about 15 minutes there weighing the options and buying the food.  We drove back to the hotel where the gentleman was staying hoping he would invite us in so we could share the gospel with him.  He didn’t invite us in but it was good for Joe.  He got to serve in  a very REAL way tonight.  He was able to share the love of Christ with someone who is considered ugly and unlovable by people today.

When we were done we went and grabbed some ice cream.  It was great to see one of our students getting it…loving someone the way Christ would.