We have decided this year to go after parents and do something different. We are hosting our first ever parents night this coming Wednesday. The student’s parents will be sitting in on the games, worship and the video series we are watching. As the students break off and go into their discussion groups the parents will be meeting with me as I cast the vision for our student ministries and answer some of their questions as well as meet as many of them as I can. I am looking forward to it and think it could be a great time. I’m praying that 25-50 parents show up for this event. It would be awesome if at least half of the parents (which would be 120) would show up. Hopefully God will use this night to plants seeds in the hearts of the parents of our students.

Hopefully this will be the start of the student ministries in our church becoming a family based student ministry. That’s up to God and hopefully he will pull it all off in a big…big way.