It was some time ago when I came across Tim Schmoyer’s blog.  I now check up on it daily.  Tim is a few years younger than me but has a lot of great insight into different things.  One of the things that impresses me about Tim is his humbleness.  Tim is always willing to talk about things, think things through and offer solid advice on various things.  So I emailed Tim and asked him if I could add some side bar links to some of my favorite categories on his blog and he said that I could.  He even gave me the code so they appear on mine they way they do on his.  I HAVE to point out that this is NOT Tim’s idea.  In our email exchange he made it obvious (and I knew he would) that he doesn’t go out of his way to advertise his blog on other sites or blogs.  I totally admire that.  But since I asked he gave me the codes and has given me permission.   So now I am featuring a NEW thing (really several) on my blog….FEAURES from Tim Schmoyer.  I really look forward to this new addition to my blog.  Please click through and visit these categories from Tim and see his insight on things.  He is doing a great job and I like to get behind things that are worthwhile.  Tim is worthwhile.

Tim thanks for allowing God to work through you in the way that he has.