halo-3-20060519063057087.jpgI was reading Paul Martin’s blog the other day. He has a great post about video games online and the anonymity that they give you and how that can affect our attitudes. I really think it is that but I also think it goes deeper. Some people just have more of a competitive edge than others and don’t know how to handle it. I think that is the root of the problem. For me when I’m online I don’t like talking too much “smack talk.” I would rather do it in person but there’s a great affect I think. Now if I could talk to the other team when I’m playing Halo online then it would be different for me. However once you’re in the round itself you can’t talk to the other team. What a bummer. I love talking to other players when you’re face to face with them. The mental game in sports is a fun one I think.

Paul’s post really is great. Here’s a clip of it;

Most often, playing is a frenetic experience of kills and re-spawns. As with all games there is the tension of winning and losing, and as with all games, there are people who are good winners and bad winners. Getting to the point, the trash talking sometimes becomes too much for good fun. This is especially present in Xbox Live where there is a certain amount of anonymity. I would say that most games have this and we just have to deal with it. But something happened in my group of junior high guys last week that made me stop the whole game and talk about. The exchange went something like this:
“Hey man, stop camping that bunker!”

“I’m not camping!”