We got home around 10:30 from the SURGE middle school rally in Kearney, NE.  It was a great weekend.  This was the first time I had ever been on a leadership team for this type of event so I went into this weekend not knowing what to expect.  In my opinion SURGE was a great success.  It was great to see middle school students worshiping and learning about God.   Jake Brower was the speaker and he talked about  life giving prayer for the weekend.  He did a great job communicating to the 250 students who were there.   Some of the highlights were;

  • having two kids puke over the game and me losing a temporary crown off of my tooth while talking to the students
  • the skits
  • Jake Brower’s messages
  • Fate of Angels leading worship and doing a concert Friday night…great band
  • collecting canned foods for the Salvation Army on Saturday
  • seeing our students begin to authentically connect with God.  I had some great conversations with them.  So cool.

I’m looking forward to next year