Last night was our fall kick-off for NHSM (New Hope Student Ministries).   In the weeks to follow we will be kicking off our other ministries under NHSM.  I am excited about this fall.  I really think God is going to do some really amazing things.  Maybe it’s my optimism about it.  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.  There’s just something different about this year.   We kicked off the GREEN (our weekly outreach) and we had a pretty good turnout.  We had a lot of middle school kids I have never seen before which is good to see new students coming in.  Not a super great crowd.  Overall we had 93.  The first night is always the toughest and last night was no exception.  Of course everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.  Things didn’t work.  I couldn’t find some of our stuff…grrrr.  But you know what?  God is in control of the details and I’m not sweating them.  As the school year goes on things will begin to click.  I’m excited about that.   I’m just really excited about this year…so much so I can’t sleep tonight.

I am proud of our leaders.  We spent an hour and a half after the GREEN tonight at our monthly leaders meeting hashing through some things.  We have decided to try some new things this year;

  • teaching on and doing communion with our students
  • having a baptism class and service
  • my expectations of us (as leaders) being more intentional about mentoring/ discipleship and seeing them start to catch a vision for it (hopefully??)
  • we changed logos tonight.  This really excites me. (it can be seen above)
  • brainstormed about new leaders and I think we have some really strong possible recruits

Some things we are throwing in the mix this year;

  • BIG give-a-way prizes
  • lock-ins (yes.  we are crazy)
  • I have been toying with the idea of a podcast and I think this is the year for that
  • I am actually looking for an OLD SCHOOL BUS that runs really well to start a bus ministry and get even MORE kids in here to hear and respond to the Gospel.  SERIOUSLY if you know of someone that needs to get rid of one for a tax write-off send them my way and I think we can work something out!!

I am EXCITED about this year.  I can’t wait to see what God does.