Here is some Ogallala, NE trivia;

  • Did you know that in the city of Ogallala we have roughly 700 middle school and senior high students?
  • Did you know that on any given Wednesday night there are only roughly 200-250 of those students in any student ministry in town?
  • Did you know that 450-500 middle school- high school students are not in a student ministry on Wednesday nights?
  • Did you know that there is room for 3 student ministries to grow to 150-200 students weekly?
  • Did you know that this year we want our weekly attendance  to pull in 50-100 new students?

It saddens me to think we have this many students in Ogallala who do not attend anywhere.  It saddens me that many of them will never get connected to any church..ever.  My main question is why?  What are we doing wrong?  Who knows…we are in quest this year to start to find out though.  Is it possible for our student ministry to go from 120-150 on a weekly basis to 170-250 on a weekly basis?

You better believe it.