Last night was our second night of VBX.  All in all things are running smoothly.  We had 12 kids again last night.  Honestly I’m a little disappointed by the attendance but I know there are a lot of things competing for the attention of the kids.  PLUS we are doing it at night.  At night?  I know….I know.  Attendance is usually a LOT better during the morning or even afternoon for VBS.  We are making the best of it though.  We did some water games with the middle school kids last night and they loved it.  Hopefully our games will just get better and better from here on out.  I am looking forward to tonight.  If you think about it would you please pray for us tonight?  This is the night where all of the VBS and VBX leaders share the gospel with their kids.  It’s going to be a GREAT night.