How superior are you?  How high do you rank yourself?  Why do you think YOU are SO important?  Who put you in charge anyway?  These are some questions I kept asking myself while I was on vacation.  While I was on vacation I witnessed what the middle of a church split looks like.  My heart was torn as I watched the church I grew up in and received Christ at start to fall apart at the very seams.  There are a lot of details and they really aren’t important.  While I was there I thought of Hebrews 7:7, “It is beyond dispute that the inferior is blessed by the superior.”  I know that this part of Hebrews 7 is talking about Christ and the Melchizedek priesthood and how Christ is superior to Melchizedek.   But the same applies to us.  I think we don’t like to think of Christ as being “superior” to us…especially in the days of the emergent church.  It seems to some that the word “superior” is too harsh.  Using this words makes it sound so formal…so final.  Isn’t that the way it should be?  Christ is formally and finally over us.  Finally by meaning that he is over us for all eternity from the moment we surrender our life to him.  Shouldn’t this bring us comfort?  I am glad Christ is formally over me.  He has grace, mercy and forgiveness.  I need those things.  I want to be showered with them. 

    I say this with 100% humility but I think that they have definitely lost sight of the Superior.  You should hear the bickering and backbiting.  It is horrible.  No matter which “side” (I hate saying that but that’s how they refer to each other) it’s always “us versus them.”  This has got to just anger God horribly.  Our church (the one I am the youth pastor for) was the result of a split in a church over 30 years ago.  Just a little over a year ago those differences were put aside and now both sides have joined back as one church.  It’s a great example of John 17 where Christ is praying for unity within the church.  When you lose site of Christ within a church body unity starts to deteriorate. 

    So I started running through these questions in my own head.  Why do we think we are the ones who are superior to other people?  It can be other races, socioeconomic backgrounds, class, dress and anything else that can be used to classify people.  Why, in the church, do we think we can’t be around sinners or bring them into the church?  Why are we better than them?  If we think we are better than someone else aren’t we becoming like the Pharisees?  They thought they were better because they thought they had it all figured out…they were legalistic and still today we push our legalistic tendencies on to people who are outside of the church.  They have to fit OUR mold or perception and not Christ’s.  Is it just me or does this seem to be a little backwards?

    Why do you think you are more important than God?  I know what you are thinking, “Come on..that’s a low blow.”  Is it really?  Lets be honest.  We have so much junk that we put before God in our lives that we actually honestly think we are more important than God.  So in turn we force God to take a back seat in our lives denying Him the authority He deserves in our lives.  Why is this?  I think it’s becuase we can be so egocentric as people.  We are all about us.  We don’t care about what God wants for us…or do we?

     Do you think you are important?  Do you put yourself above others?  Or have you realized that you are inferior to Christ and that He is the one that blesses us?  It is true we can bring all glory and honor to Christ by serving him wholeheartedly but that has to be done with less of what we will get out of it and more of what we can do to bring glory and honor to Him.