Alright I have received a lot of flak for not saying what this “new” thing is that I am doing. I have felt, for some time now, that I need to do something more. I have always wanted to be a speaker on a national level someday and I have always wanted to write a book for students some day. So instead of dreaming of accomplishing my dreams I am starting to live one out. Through some prayer I have decided this last week to pursue writing a book for students.

The title is IDENTITY: Find Yourself in the Midst of Life. This is just a working title. I have sent some emails out to students and other youth pastors to pass on to their students. I am asking students to define certain stereotypes or identities. I have asked them to break each one down into 3 segments;

  1. characteristics – attitudes, actions, likes/ dislikes
  2. insecurities – things that they worry about
  3. desires – things they long for in life

Hopefully as this information is compiled w will start to get a good look at how students view their peers. A lot is going to have to be done before I can even think about sending it to a publisher and it may never get to that stage. But I am tired of sitting around not chasing the very dreams God has given me…it’s time to do something about them.

I am adding a link to what I have done so’s not much. I would love to have your input and feedback.