I bought a car a few weeks ago for the student who has been living with me to drive around while he is back from college over the summer.  I figured this would save me some money in the long run… I still think it will although now I have depleted my vacation fund becuase the thing needed some work.  So I went and picked it up from the mechanic this morning and he told me to take it on the highway for 2-3 miles to re-set the idle since the battery had been unplugged.  No big deal.

I head out on the highway and about 1.5 miles into my little trip the car started sputtering and died.  It started a few times then went dead.  While I was sitting on the side of the road about 25-35 cars drove by…1 car stopped and asked if I needed help.  As Christians we are just like the people who didn’t stop.  We know people who need help but yet we are too busy on our “journey” through life to stop for a minute and ask if we can help or even to offer to pray with them or for them.

Next time I see someone pulled over with their hood up (even if it’s not a mechanical problem) I’m stopping.

How ’bout you?