branches-vine1.gifTonight I am preaching on John 15:1-17.  I posted about this earlier in the week here.  Monday (or Sunday afternoon) I will post my final outline for this sermon.  Once I post it I would love some feedback from all of you on the content of the outline.    This way I can make some corrections if need be and also I won’t spoil it for anyone ocming to our church this weekend  by posting it Monday or Sunday afternoon.  I realize not all of  the readers of this blog are not Christ-followers and I welcome your feedback as well.

I started off this week stressing over it and I think I am ready now.  I guess we will leave it up to the critics this weekend and see how it goes over.  (Our congregation…I don’t mean this derogatorily either.  If we are honest we like and need their feedback to sharpen thus, they are our critics)