I have been a “fan” of Gregg Stier for a while now. He made a post today entitled If I Were The Devil. It is sobering and thought provoking. I want to encourage you to go to his blog and check it out. Here’s a clip…

“If I were the devil I’d raise up an army of televangelists to preach a false message of “God wants you to be rich” while much of the world dies of famine and starvation. I’d get them to empty the bank accounts of bent, old widows and blue collar Joe’s to finance their Lexus-driving, $3,000 suit wearing, mansion-dwelling lifesytle of “holy” hedonism. I’d help them cloak their message of greed with a “whatever you donate to this ministry will be multiplied one hundred fold in your own bank account” giving promise.”

Be sure to check out the entire entry here.