Each night things get even more insane.  The pictures in order are;

  1. Ray blowing up a hot water bottle
  2. a chunk of the hot water bottle flew back into the front of the sound booth (75 feet away from the stage)
  3.  Tony laying on a bed f 1, 000 nails.  Then another bed of 1, 000 nails was placed on top of him.  Then Ray laid down on top of him Ray weighs 290 lbs).  Then the log was placed on top of Ray so he could bench press it for 5 reps.  The log by the way weighs close to 350-375 pounds. So that’s at least 640-665 pounds on top of Tony during the whole “feat of strength” as they call them.
  4. Ray snapping two Louisville Sluggers over his leg.
  5. Ray snapping out of 2 pairs of handcuffs at one time.

Last night Tony ran through 6 feet of ice shoulder first and Ray broke 4 feet of ice with his forearm.  The pictures of those did not turn out well at all.   But even more than all of this about 35 kids accepted Christ tonight.  How awesome is that.

Tonight we are back at the OHS Lecture Hall for night 4.  The guys will head back to Denver tomorrow (Sunday) night after their last night with u to catch a flight first thing Monday morning to their next destination.