They’re coming… and honestly I am excited about it.  There have been a  few people ask me why I am so excited about the Power Team coming to town this week.  They will be here for a 5 night revival.  Well it goes back to about 10 years ago when I was introduced to the sport of power lifting.  I immediately fell in love with it and at one time could bench 400 pounds.  Now that’s a ton of weight.  I have been back into working out for 2 months now and I’m at a measly 280.  Still that’s not too shabby.  I know some people think these guys are overrated…but I am EXCITED!

I will be traveling to Denver on Wednesday morning to pick the guys up from the airport.  It will be a privilege to spend some time with them.  Again I am a dork when it comes to strong man stuff.  I used to sit and watch ESPN for HOURS when the World’s Strongest Man competitions were on.  I love this stuff.  So right now….I’m pretty pumped about these guys coming.  I will give a report after each night.