Remember about 4 months ago when our Pastor, Worship/ CE Pastor and our secretary decided to buy me a subscription to the Christian Dating site Relationships.com?   Their hopes were to find me a wife and marry me off.  Apparently they think I cannot do this on my own.  So I entertained their notion and went along with it…

So what were the results?  Well after 4 months of the online dating service my subscription is over and I am still single.  Was it worth it?  looking back I say, “Heck YES!”  I mean I got them to fork over $50 and it produced no results.  I think it’s funny.  Do I want to get married?  Yes of course I do.  I just find it funny they were willing to pay out money for this.  I did meet some interesting women.  One girl turned out to be kind of a stalker.  Most of them were pleasant but divorced or had kids.   Here are some stats from the experience;

  • I had over 200 profile views
  •  30-some emailed me
  •  7 sent their profile to me
  • 4 added me as a favorite
  • 20 smiled at me
  • 12 IM’d me

It was an interesting experience.Would I do it again?  I don’t know….I guess that depends on whether you have $50 or not.