It’s tough being single.  Most people think I really don’t care or that I look down on marriage.  I really don’t.  I do poke fun at it from time to time but in all honesty I think it’s a good thing.  i look forward to that day for myself.  It is hard though.  Society in general looks down on being single and for the most part the church does as well….or at least that’s how it seems.  It seems like when a church starts a “singles ministry” it’s more of a dating service and not really a ministry.   I’m not saying it’s all bad to find your potential mate through a singles ministry….it’s just I think this is how the church views singles.

Lets be honest.  If you’re married you get invited over to eat.  If you’re married you get invited to do things in public with others.  Part of it is because you have things in common because you are married.  If you are married there are bible studies or classes geared for you.  Things like “supper for 6” are geared typically for married people.  Why is this?

I think part of the reason is that married people see single people differently.  Almost like something within us is broken or wrong because we are “single” and not “married.”   I would make the argument that seldom is that the case. I think we have to look at the state of marriages today and ask some hard questions.  Why do vows before God mean nothing today?  Why is divorce a readily available option for Christian and non-Christians?  Why is the average age of getting married today creeping closer to the age of 35?  What is wrong about the institution of marriage that people want to hold off longer?

I think these are great questions that need answers.