I just started reading another book this morning.  It’s called the be with factor and it’s written by Bo Boshers and Judson Poling.  It is on mentoring students as a way of discipleship and they say some interesting things.  Their biggest argument is that most ministries equate success with numbers on a variety of different levels.   We try very hard to steer away from judging success by numbers.  I know I posted a few days back some numbers on kids that accepted and rededicated their lives to Christ.  I see that more as celebrating and letting the family of God know that things are happening.   Can that lead to a numbers driven ministry?  Sure it can but we are not.  I still hold and maintain the position that if our student ministry shrinks to15 overnight we will still do our Wednesday night the same.

Here are some things that they suggest…which could be controversial for the American church;

  • mentoring requires time but is worth it
  •  after the death of Jesus there were only 120 people in the upper room
    • some may draw the conclusion if a large ministry today shrank to a smaller number that the ministry may be dying off.  not the case with the ministry of Christ
  • Jesus’ impact was one of personal transformation deep within the souls of those he touched
  • Jesus was a success despite dismal numbers because the measurement that mattered wasn’t just a short-term body count
  • Deep transformation of a few who continue to influence others is the measure we should gauge success by in student ministry
  • Jesus’ focus was on relationships…not ministry size
  • mentoring is a way of life