I was recently asked a few questions about my blog.  i have to admit when I first started blogging I didn’t really see the big deal about it.  But after a few months of blogging you really get into an online community of sorts.  People from all over check out the blog and either comment or email me directly about it.  Some cool things have happened over the course of my blog though.  So here are my reasons or “purposes” for blogging;

  1. i enjoy it
  2. to network with other youth pastors/ youth workers
  3. to inform our church of what is going in our student ministries at New Hope (I am surprised at how many people from our church read this weekly. daily)
  4. to put my two cents in about life and ministry
  5.  I used to journal and have note books of my journaling from through the years.  This gives me a chance to do it without ever losing the “notebooks.”

Some cool tings that have happened since I have started my blog

  1. some people from New hope feel more informed about our student ministries
  2. Made the current list of “Christians Who Blog” and am now link to from 38-40 blogs from all over
  3. i am linked to from a few nationally known youth ministry blogs (this happened before the ‘Christians Who Blog” survey list)
  4. people from the following countries visit my blog on a weekly basis;
    1. Germany
    2.  Canada,
    3. Japan
    4. Brazil
    5. Italy
    6. China
    7. South Africa
    8.  Australia
    9.  Auckland
    10.  Mexico
    11.  France

It is strange to have an “international” audience that cares about what I think in certain areas.  Does this make me an expert?  No.  Does this make me important?  No.  Does it make me a celebrity?  No.  It really does nothing for me.  Has it helped me to network with other youth pastors and youth workers?  Yes.  Do I talk about what is going on in our student ministry so our church family can be informed?  Yes.