For years I used to listen to a radio station from Columbus, OH. I got hooked on it while I worked at a church back in Iowa. I had finally found something I could relate to and that related to me and where I was in my journey with Christ. For some times now I haven’t given it much thought or a chance in my play list largely because they don’t have a podcast of it yet and iTunes has corrupted my audio playing habits in my office now. Today I have rekindled that old flame I once had with . It is by far the best Christian radio station I have ever heard and it competes with a large and well known syndicated secular morning show everyday and is #2 in the current market in Columbus, OH. Not #2 among the Christian stations but among ALL of the stations in their market. Last year they saw 10k people come to know Christ because of their radio ministry. If you know anyone from 14-35 I would encourage you to get them hooked on to Radio U. The do have some stations in other states as well and you can find that information on their website.

I am happy to be back in a relationship with Radio U. These guys rock and take a firm stand for Christ. If we could ever get it in Ogallala I would gladly help to bring them in.