God has been up to some pretty cool things this year. not only are we re-culturing our student ministries God is working in the lives of some of our students. God has stirred the heart of one of our 8th grade guys to start a clothing drive at the middle school and collect clothes for needy families in Keith county. So I told him he needed to talk with the principal and set it all up. I honestly thought the idea would die there. Instead he has taken it and is running with it. I talked to him Wednesday night and he had set it all up with the principal at the middle school so last night after our Bible study I took him and a few other students out to get the trash cans to be sued for the clothing drive. Today I made up the poster and put the signs on the can and they are now ready to be delivered to the middle school on Monday morning in time for the clothing drive to start.

I talked to Eric (our senior pastor) this afternoon about our church participating in it since it does come from one of our students in our student ministry and he agreed. So starting this weekend- May 7 we will be doing the first leg of our clothing drive. There will be a trashcan at each location to bring coats, backpacks, jeans, shorts, and shirts. We will collect and distribute the items to local families that are in need of clothes. We will also talk with other organizations that can help us distribute the clothes as well. I want to encourage you to be a part of this.

It’s awesome when God moves in the heart of a student to do something “God-sized.”