Session 3: Leadership Multiplication

3 Critical Emphases in Leadership Multiplication
1. Train for content, skills, knowledge and character.
2. We coach for implementation.
3. We mentor for multiplication.

4 Steps in Life on Life Multiplication
1. Watch me (invite leaders to come with you) do life/ ministry.
2. Lets do (take leaders with you) life/ ministry together.
3. I will watch you (going with the leader but watching them) do life ministry.
4. Let me (send them out to do life/ ministry on their own) hand it off to you.

Mentoring Myths
1. there is a perfect mentor for everyone
2. mentoring is for life.
3. you can only have 1 mentor at a time.
4. mentors need to be older or some type of expert.
5. I’m not qualified.
6. I don’t need a mentor (no lone rangers)