3 Models of a Balanced, Disciplemaking, Healthy Student Ministry
1. A Simple Breakdown

  • The 10% / 80% / 10% model.
  • innovators (movers) —> 10%
  • herd (mob) —> 80%
  • inhibitors (terrorists) —> 10%
  • a haunting reality, whichever 10% controls the group and gets your attention and energies will determine the health of your group and which way the herd is going to go.

2. The Sonlife Model by Dan Spader

  • Phase #1 = building (growth and is for the believer to come and grow)
  • Phase #2 = equipping (ministry training and is for the worker to train others)
  • Phase #3 = winning (outreach and is for the lost to come and see)
  • Phase #4 = multiplying (shepherds and is for the overseer to shepherd the flock)

3. Phase #1 Healthy Ingredients

  • communicating the Word
  • building a prayer base
  • Modeling Jesus
  • Consistent Contacting
  • Building the group image
  • Getting love flowing

This was a good refresher session. I have been a believer of Sonlife (philosophy patterned after the life of Christ) since I was a freshman in high school. Most of the influence for our current student ministries comes from Sonlife because it works.