Today kicks off Week 4 of the N-lighten Nebraska challenge. I met my goals from last week and now it’s time for me to set new goals for this week. The weight isn’t exactly falling off of me. I know at the onset of a working out for the first time in a long time there will be a period at the beginning where the muscle gain will overshadow the weight loss and you won’t actually lose weight you will or may actually gain weight or stay the same while losing inches. I have gained a notch on my belt so that is a great thing. While playing soccer yesterday I discovered my stamina has picked up a bit and was able to do more running than in the past. This is good because it shows some success and it helps keep me motivated.

Here are my goals for Week 4;

  • continue with the Myoplex shakes
  • pick up the pace of cardio more (I will start my running program this week)
  • continue to hit the 12k step mark on my pedometer
  • drink more water