This has been an exciting month. Two of our middle school students have come up with some incredible ideas and we’re going to start implementing them. One for our middle school guys has come up with the idea of doing a coat/ backpack drive through the middle school and our church so we can give them to needy kids/ families. One of our girls in the past week came to me and said, “I really have a burden to do fund raisers to buy a bus so we can pick up kids that don’t come to church because their parents don’t come.” Even in our high school Sunday School class I can see some of our kids starting to “get it” and it’s making a difference in how the class goes.

Both of these ideas are so awesome and I’m proud to say that they came from our kids. How awesome is that? So starting this Wednesday we are going to have a sign-up sheet for those kids who would be willing to come to church if they had a ride. I’m not expecting a ton of kids right off the bat but when kids get excited about something it often snowballs….especially if it’s a God thing. It’s so cool to see when kids finally start to “get it” when it comes to their faith. Please pray for these two endeavors because Satan will try to stop them for sure. I am positive God will use both of these in a great and mighty way.

God is awesome.