I’m going on vacation to Canada to go fishing. My dad was talking about it over Christmas while I was back. I have never been to Canada to go fishing before but I’m excited about it. The place where we are going is called Timber Edge and it’s in the Sioux Lookout, Ontario. My dad called me the other day with the dates we will be going and to say that he is paying for myself, my brother, my brother-in-law, and Chris Cambell if he wants to go as well. Well the camp expenses anyway which is very huge on his part. Actually my parents are generous people and always have been. Looks like at the end of June I will be heading off to Canada for some great fishing and some great time with the male members of my family.

He tells me while you’re there we will see elk and bear out in their environment. Sounds very cool. I will definitely be taking my camera to gets LOTS of great pictures from the trip. It’s still a ways off but I am excited about it. Sounds like it will be a great time.