So our office at New Hope has been challenged by the Ogallala Chamber of Commerce in the N-Lighten Nebraska program. N-Lighten Nebraska is a physical wellness program that the state of Nebraska has put into place to help Nebraskan’s get into shape. It seems that our state is in the top 10 state for the most obese people in the nation.

So we gladly took up the Chamber on their challenge. They stacked their team with 10 people. We have 4. We will win though. I plan to weekly chronicle my slow progress of getting back into shape. Here is the entry for the 1st week.

So I have been working out for a week now. Sunday night marked that anniversary. I have definitely fallen a long way off of the fitness trail over the last 7 years since I stopped working out. I forgot how sore muscles can get when you don’t use them for a while. Last Tuesday my chest and arms were moderately sore.

I’m looking forward to week 2.