We had a great Super Bowl party tonight. The game was an excellent game until the second half. Man the BEARS really dropped the ball…or Grossman threw for some interceptions. It looked good at first for the boys from Chicago but alas the Colts prevailed. Ugh…maybe next year (kinda sounds likes the Cubs fans huh?)

our Super bowl party for our youth went off without a hitch. I completely spaced it until last Tuesday so we only announced it this past Wednesday night at youth group and sent an email to all of our students. Overall the turnout was fairly good. Here are the stats from the party. The kids consumed;

  • 3 gallons of cheddar nacho cheese
  • 3 quarts of Pace Mild Salsa
  • 250 cans of pop
  • 12 bags of chips
  • 1, 000 little smokies
  • 12 jars of Welch’s Grape Jelly (for the little smokies)
  • 1 jar (plastic) of sour cream
  • 20 bags of ice
  • 8 trash bags (40 gallon)
  • 6 microwaveable bags of popcorn
  • 9 pizzas

We had 60-70 kids. 10 leaders. It was really a great night. No arguments broke out. Everyone was very well behaved. Everything was cleaned up and we were ready to go home by 8:45pm. It was really a great night. Thanks to everyone that helped. If you missed it or your kids missed it…you really missed a great night of football, fellowship and fun.