Last night I think we had a great night. I talked about hypocrisy and how we deal with it and how we all struggle with it at times. I had the middle school students come back in after their discussion groups and join us. We had a youth group from North Platte come down and do a drama called ‘hypocrite’. I saw the video of it about 2 months ago and it was awesome. They did a great job with the drama and used the song ‘hypocrite’ by the World Wide Messag Tribe. It’s a great song and talks about how we do the things we don’t and become hypocrites giving into sin. Powerful song. After the drama I gave the kids time to do business with God and lay they’re hypocrisy at the foot of the cross. I played some worship songs on my guitar and about 75 kids came down got on their knees and bawled before God. I know some of them probably gave into peer pressure to come down and maybe not all were legit. But i do know that some were legit and they honestly want to get their lives right before God.

I think sometimes we need times like this…a cooperate confession if you will. What if we did this on a monthly basis corporately? How would God begin to heal us? What if we did this personally everyday? I think God would start to move in a massive way within the American church.