About 6 years ago I was very religious about working out. I loved the gym I belonged to. The atmosphere was contagious and full of testosterone. I was actually one of the biggest guys in there and guys would voluntarily give up their weights if I was waiting on them. It was nice to have people respect you sheerly on size and strength. Back then I was benching right at 400 pounds and I was in the best shape of my life. I had a good friend Sal and had competed for the World’s Strongest Man competition a few times and he got me working out. Well I got hired at a church and ran out of time to work out so I stopped going. 6 years and 85 extra pounds later here I am. So I have decided to embark on a long journey to get back into great shape.

I now remember why I have been such a pansy about beginning to work out again. It’s hard work. Not only is it hard work it hurts. I joined a health club 1.5 weeks ago. I thought it was a good idea…and I still think it’s a good idea. It’s one of the 24-hour-key-less-entry-ones. So I went in Sunday night to start getting back into the groove of working out and getting back into shape. Yesterday I was mildly sore…..today however I feel like someone beat the living daylight out of me with a ball bat. I thought I had eased into it Sunday night but now I realize I have successfully ticked my muscles off. It appears that they were quite happy giving in to atrophy. I am looking forward to the end result…it will be worth it.