Yesterday I was asked it I would like to play paint ball today. I love the game so said, “Yeah where are we playing and what time?” I was told we would play at noon by our Legion baseball field and that it had been cleared with the police. The city has been hauling snow from the streets up to the Legion parking lot and dumping it so there were mounds of snow all over. You can imagine my surprise when we were getting ready to play and 4-5 cops showed up including a state Patrolman. Someone called them and complained about 5 guys assembling guns and shooting them. The cops gave us a good laugh since they were just paint ball guns and told us we would have to go outside of the city limits to play.

So we went out of town a little ways and commenced in shooting each other. We played three games and I had 4 kills which is pretty good considering the first game I took out 2 of their 3 guys. The next game I got 1 guy out and the last game I got 2 guys out. There were only 8 of us playing today but it was fun to get out and release some aggression and sport some testosterone. Our guys finally stopped working due to the cold weather (22 degrees out today) so we called it a day and went home.

All in all it as good.