I highly recommend it. I read it last night in one sitting and it barely took me 45 minutes to read it. It steps out and makes a bold statement right from the start. What book is it? It’s Doug Field’s book ‘What Matters Most‘. This book is a must for read for any youth pastor or youth worker. Doug finally says what needed to be said a long time ago. “Say more more often.” He talks about feeding the “Yes Monster” and how busyness in ministry can rob or joy, our emotional life, and most of all our time alone with God. Here’s a little clip from the Simply Youth Ministry product description page;

If you can’t remember the last time you said no to the senior pastor, the custodian, the church secretary, or the parents of that annoying kid, you’re on the road to… well… to nowhere. Actually, you’re on the road to death–the death of your passion, your ministry, you joy, your family, your long-term ministry effectiveness, and maybe even your faith.”

How true that is. This book came at just the right time for me as I have been feeling extra pressure from different sources to be different that what God has called us to do. Thanks Doug for taking the bold step in helping us discover the importance of saying no more often so we can preserve what really matters most.