Tonight With Theology (TNT) was really good tonight. Pastor Mark talked about the existence of God and laid forth some arguments. It was a great time of teaching. Here are the arguments in a nutshell;

  • the philosopher, Immanuel Kant, discussed the difference between the intuitive and learned knowledge. He pointed out that in order for knowledge to be intuitve it must be universal and necessary.
  • the knowledge of God can be demonstrated to be both
  • the necessity of God can be seen in many things
  • the existence of God can be corroborated by logical arguments
    • the ontological argument
    • the moral argument
    • the cosmological argument (cause and effect)
    • the teleological argument (design demands a designer)
    • the argument from congruity (i.e. the existence of God is the most agreeable and consistent explanation for the universe we live in)
    • the argument from aesthetics (this is the one I life the best)
      • the argument is similar to the argument from congruity
      • it begins with the observation that we have two explanations, one of which must be true, but neither explanation is without its problems
      • for sake of argument, assume that both arguments are more or less equal
      • but the implications of the two theories lead to different views of the universe and life (one ugly without purpose and one beautiful with purpose)
      • the Materialistic explanation places us in a purposeless universe where ideals of beauty, morality, and love have no real meaning
      • a Theistic explanation places us in a universe with purpose in which non material concepts such as beauty and love have real meaning
      • so if all other things are equal why would any person choose the explanation that places us in an “ugly” universe

Very interesting stuff. If you attend New Hope you need to get the CD’s. If you do not attend New Hope but would like a copy of the CD leave me a comment and I will post my email so you can email your physical address to me and I will mail it out ASAP.