There are a few things I have noticed since coming down with the flu Wednesday afternoon. Yes it happened on the worst possible day of the week for me. I was in my office preparing for Wednesday night and I started feeling like…well like you do when you get the flu. Sure enough by 5:3opm Wednesday I had it full blown. But there are some things I noticed while having the flu and recovering from it. They are;

  • the flu is bad
  • this is the second winter in a row I have gotten it…maybe I need to get the flu shot next year
  • it’s a great time to fast
  • or be fast (gross huh?)
  • a great time to start a new diet
  • the flu lends itself to losing weight after those Christmas and New Years parties you partake in (although not recommended)
  • it takes all of your energy
  • i get to sleep…a lot (sleep is my favorite activity)
  • movies….lots of movies

I actually started feeling better Thursday around 3pm so I came in and was able to do Life Hurts. Still I have absolutely no energy whatsoever. I am glad it’s over and I’m on the upswing from it all.